The Shining – by Stanley Kubrick

Read the book by Mr Stephen King. You can skip Kubrick’s movie.

I’m wondering, why is Kubrick ranked a great? Is it because he did novel things visually? Is it because he takes full use of the big screen with vastness? Is it because everyone else in Hollywood was stoned on cocaine in the 70s?  Well, I just checked, and “Full Metal Jacket” I liked, and “Dr Strangelove” is a must-see.

Back to the story, King -vs- Kubrick

King does better at

  • pacing – it was PERFECT
  • story background
  • wondering if it’s just people going crazy, or if it is supernatural
  • internal dialogue
  • background characters
  • Jack Torrance’s motivation
  • Wendy Torrance’s motivations
  • Danny Torrance’s thoughts and personality
  • the use of Dick Hallorann
  • final confrontation
  • dénouement

Kubrick does better at

  • showing how huge the hotel is
  • setting it up for a sequel

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