Wednesday Nov 9

We had day of fun, since I watching the childrens this week

First, took laptop to the computer doctor, because I broke it.

We parked on top of a garage, and they really liked the view. MsS, “we can see our house!”
Then we went to construction site at UW and saw diggers and bulldozers in action. Then duck watching at Portage Bay. Then we played at the Stronghold aka the Giant Stump. Then a bit in the greenhouse, the childrens loved the frogs and green worms and lily-pad tank. We visited my friends at work. Then to watch the salmon swimming in circles.

They got tiny nap on drive home. Then to TwinPonds. We played in the leaves, building piles and jumping in, throwing them in the air, shuffling through. Naturally my silly childrens took off their coats and boots to play soccer. MrG told me, “when we get a goal, say ‘Point-Huskys’.”


One Response to “Wednesday Nov 9”

  1. heathercim Says:

    hahaha – I didn’t know about the point part. 😀

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