I took the childrens to Tacoma to visit my mom and dad.
Naturally, we were running late, they were yelling they didn’t wanna go, so they ended wearing PJs to grandma’s.
When we got there, they played soccer with grandma in the living room. I played hide and seek with them. We went to yummy lunch at Taquería El Antojo. I couldn’t make up my mind, so I got three different tacos, beef, chicken and pork. They were all three good. The best cheros I’ve had. And watching soccer ain’t so bad when it’s in Spanish. Fresh made tortillas, made at the counter where yum.

After, we visited my dad’s shop. He fixes engines. He explained a bit to me and the childrens what the machines do, but they were getting bored. I wish I had learned more about machines when a kid. I hope my childrens will be willing to learn how things work, and how to fix them.

Going home, good traffic was slow, because all three needed a nap. But they slept through the lightning and the hail.

Then, we went to a friends to feed and visit with Giles-kitty.


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