Dec 1st

Last night, MyBetterHalf had to stay late at work. The childrens were very excited that it was me picking them up, so excited that they couldn’t get ready to go, but were busy running around, hugging me, yelling “Papa’s here!”, dancing, and playing.  We went to the store, and the usual cart for kids wasn’t there. We almost had meltdowns, but I crouched down, and whispered to MrCuddles & MsSqueaky, “You guys are how old? and next year you are going to kindergarten, so I need you to be helpful, and right now being helpful is not crying. If you can do that, we can do something fun after dinner.”

After dinner, we decorated cookies. MsSqueaky picked pink sprinkles, MrGrunty picked blue sprinkles, (which was funny, because just the night before I told them a story about  that I was making up while telling it about those colors of sprinkles), MrCuddles got multi-coloured star sprinkles. As usual, MrG was very meticulus, and was placing each sprinkle individually. MsS tried to make smiley faces. MrC just ate most of his sprinkles.

Then, we are doing the “Joseph Tree” and the childrens each coloured their own little stump, symbolizing the root of Jesse. MsS asked, “Papa, can I color it how I want?” I told her it was hers, and she could color any way she wanted. So she used dark blue, and black, and you can’t see the picture.

After that, “Mommy’s home!” and they ran and hugged her and jabbered about the cookies.

Then, we showed them their advent calendars. They were very excited about chocolate. MrCuddles didn’t like it when we only let him have one.


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