This morning, I went to church to “just be there” in case they needed an extra hand for practicing for the children’s X-mas pageant. I did get to fill in and do the puppet part for Isiah. Watching the bigger kids amused, frightened and reminded me how it used to be. One kid was getting frustrated at mispronounciations. One kid, when scolded, delivered his lines the next few times w/o emotion (I remember doing that). Kids were just interrupting their parents when parent was trying to give instruction to others…one of my favorite responses, in a hushed-yell that mothers are great at “I will buy more donuts!” One of the high school kids was talking taxation, from a left wing point of view, and so I played Devil’s Advocate.

I’m still trying to learn these people’s names, which is bad, I know. Maybe if they played in the NBA I could remember them better.

When I got home, we all went off to a friend’s house for her party. I played monopoly with a couple of second graders…which, had them fighting less. We made some scandinavian potato pancake thing. I had fun cooking them.

Then, we bought our x-mas tree. Mostly decorated by MyBetterHalf and MsSqueaky & MrGrunty. (I did make dinner, do dishes and hang the lights.) After, we decorated/baked more cookies, did the Jesse-Tree, and Advent calendar.


  • MsSqueaky, gasping with happiness when we plugged the lights on for the tree.
  • MrGrunty, practically demanding I hang lights by the ceiling, reminding me of a few years ago, before he could talk, he would shuffle out when he woke up, and point to the lights if they were off.
  • MrCuddles, so surprised at the new shape of chocolate in the Advent calendar. And then throwing a fit when we wouldn’t let him have any more.

After everyone went to sleep, I happened to find a new cat toy and played with the kitties.



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