proud of my childrens

Over the past few days, my beautiful childrens have given me little examples of things that make me smile.

MrCuddles, has been pushing a baby in a stroller around the house. Sometimes with his sister, sometimes on his own. He’ll stop and talk to the baby, he’ll announce to the parents where he’s taking the baby, (“work” and “park” are popular), and sometimes, he’ll bring his baby up to me, and softly say, “Do you wanna hold her papa? It’s Shar-nee.”

MrGrunty, the other day I gave him some multiple-choice scratch sheets. He was very excited when he scratched off a box, and then found a star. Then I told him how to read the rows and columns, and he liked that. He would then yell when he found a star, “At Two B”.  (Ah, already reading cartesian points…I know, parents are crazy.)

MsSqueaky, she brings her little HotWheels pink Cadillac to me, and tells me “Here papa, you can have it.”  I say, but sweetie,  it’s yours. “You can keep it because you like it.”   And I know that meant a lot, because the other day, she freaked out when we couldn’t find it for her to take to school.


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