NBA 2011

OK…so, this post has been a long time coming, because for some unknown reason it is important to me, I feel strongly about it, and I want it to be perfect. Well…that ain’t gonna happen, so I best just put pixels to screen and years later, I can read about how insane I was being emotionally invested in a sport that I can not play.

First, the NBA needs villains. Summer of 2010, Lebron James did a good job at becoming a villain in his inept handling of leaving Cleveland. Now, I do admire that he said, “I want to win” and he took a pay cut. Unlike, say A-Rod. I really don’t have a problem with these freaks of nature getting multi-millions to play a game, because there are billions made off of their entertaining us, and it’s only right that they get a portion of the riches. But back to villains, I was a bit disappointed in the whole Miami Heat team during game six of the 2011 NBA finals. Last five minutes, all the sudden Dallas is pulling down offensive rebounds, which is something Dallas could hardly do the entire series. It seems that the Heat, collectively, gave up. Villains don’t give up. That’s not the way the narrative is supposed to work.

Second, during the lock out, I was totally in favor of the players. I’ll break it down bullet point, since, well…I’m lazy.

  • People buy tickets to see the players.
  • Owners do what? Most don’t even own the building their team plays in. Often, when they are losing money, they will blame the facilities, and ask the city to build them a new arena.
  • 57% BRI… if income is less than the salary, then the players got less income. Players could only get 57% of income, no matter what their salary was.
  • The players, the product… are not easily replaced. These guys are one-in-ten-million talents.
  • As Malcom Gladwell so eloquently said, “Pro sports teams are a lot like works of art.”  It’s not about making money, it’s about owning something really cool, and really rare.
  • The whole Seattle Sonics fiasco, where Mr-Starbucks-Coffee, who taught the world to buy a $4 cup of mediocre coffee, says, “I’m losing money” five years after he promised Seattle “we’ll be champions in five years”. And what does he do, sells the Sonics, and pockets tens of millions of profits, even after yearly losses. No wonder he’s a billionaire.
  • The OKC Thunder…you know, the team that used to be in Seattle…they’re doing great, they have smart management, they’re in a small market and they can compete, they have a low payroll. What we could have had!!
  • During the lockout, what were the players doing? They were connecting with fans, playing charity games, getting the NBA-entertainment product out and building the NBA brand, all while not being paid by the NBA. I’m really impressed with how few idiotic statements the players made during the lockout.
  • Owners claimed, “we losing money”. Players Union said, “show us the books.” Owners never showed the books.

Of all the lockout issues, the only one I cared about was the BRI. I honestly believe the players should have 57% of basketball related revenue. I don’t care about length of contract. I don’t care about salary caps. I don’t care about luxury tax.

Well, it does feel a bit cathartic to get this off my chest.

I guess I should now get around to watching those dozen games from 2011 playoffs that are on the DVR…  Srsly, I still don’t know how Dallas got past LA.


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