Overnight at Church

So…the youth were putting on a X-mas pageant. I was there to be-a-gopher, help-out, make-sure-nothing-caught-on-fire for a couple of the new rehearsals.

But let me digress. My awesome friend, Chava, is a youth music director at her church down in Cali. (And yes, every time I say “Cali” I think of LL Cool Jay’s work of genius. Don’t you?  “…I don’t think so”) So her kids, and ours were both performing Angels Aware! (BTW…I do like the song “The Perfect 10” and hope to learn it on guitar to sing with my childrens.) Wait, was there a point to this… oh yeah. She had to cut one of her stars because they couldn’t make the performances, by-the-way. Imagine telling your sports coach, “I can’t make the big game, but can we still do all the practices with me as the star.” You’ld be running laps. I mentioned this story to some of the adults in charge of the performance up here. And one of the older teens heard it, and he thought it was a brilliant idea, and wanted to make other kids run laps when they weren’t paying attention. Oh, sigh.

So, Friday the 9th, was the overnight for the youth, 4th grade through high school.

I showed up at the end of dinner. I went into the side room where the adults had sequestered themselves from kids. “We’re hiding,” they said. I showed the things I brought I thought would be useful, a large Maglite and Oreos. They commanded me to hide the cookies.

We ate pizza.

They went on stage for dress rehearsal. I watched from the pews.

Then, after 10pm, was play time. I played pool, table tennis, catch, …and eventually, when the church building was all ours, we played hide-n-seek. Lemme just say, teens are so easy compared to pre-schoolers. I didn’t have to worry about them eating anything dangerous. (Like for instance, one of my 5 year old nephews…he ate a X-mas light bulb. Don’t worry, he was alright.)

When time for calm down, I pulled out the iPad, and played a Sesame Street video about the number 7. The teenage boys all gathered around, and quietly watched.

Bedtime by 2AM.

The whole event, for me, was fun and relaxing.

(Side note… so many flashback for me, the adult/director getting more nervous and stressed…the kids paying less attention. Then, five minutes before the performance, a quick “you guys are gonna do great” speech from the director. More than half of my professional teacher/conductors would do that. )

The performance Sunday. Went fine. The thing I was worried about, transitions and microphones was alright. Before it started, my childrens were in the balcony. MsSqueaky saw her friend Katie dressed like and angel, and she wanted to go down stairs and be an angel next to the stage. Katie, saw all her friends in the balcony, and wanted to go up there. Eventually, I got my childrens in angel robes, next to the stage, but they didn’t stand in front of everyone. Maybe next year, they’ll have less stage fright.


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