MsSqueaky quotes

This morning, MsSqueaky said whilst we were driving to school on a very frosty day, “Papa, there’s snow on the cars. It’s not really snow, it’s ice. But I call it snow.”

Yesterday morning, when MyBetterHalf was driving to work, as she normally does, she stopped the car in front of our house, rolled down the window, and waved. MsSqueaky & I waved back, and blew kisses. MrCuddles didn’t want to wave then. And then MyBetterHalf drove on. A moment later, MrCuddles wailed, “I didn’t say ‘bye’ to Mommy!”   I tried to explain, that when he gave her a bye-kiss, that was a way to say ‘bye’. He didn’t stop his lament. MsSqueaky said to him, “Maaaayyy-beeee, when we go outside to go to school, then you can say “bye” really, really loud and she will hear you.”  MrCuddles liked that idea, and quit crying.


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