MrCuddles sayings

So, for Christmas, we purchased an Advent Calendar for each of the childrens. You know, teach them “count down”, patience, keep your chocolates away from your brother…important life lessons. MrGrunty & MsSqueaky, got it. They liked finding the day, and guessing what it would be, and then showing off the chocolate. MrCuddles liked that too, but then, when we went to put the calendar away, he would always throw a fit, wanting more chocolate. (Yes, we were giving him chocolate before bedtime. Yes, he has been having difficult getting to go to sleep. No, there’s no connection.)  Every now and then, he would sneak an extra chocolate, so by the time the 20th was around, he had eaten his last chocolate. He was a little upset, and sadly said, “Somebody ate my advent calendar.” When I asked who did it, he blamed Squeaky.

Christmas Day, we got a small pack of mixed nuts for my dad. (Yeah, big spenders we are, huh?) MrCuddles knew right away something was gonna be good in that present, so he sat next to his grandpa, and excitedly asked, “What is it? What-is-it?!? WhatIsIt???”  My dad offered him one, MrCuddles swiped the container, and continued to eat them, with a cute little grin. When we told him not to eat them, he innocently said, “I not.”


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