2012 resolutions

I am proud of BitterKat and her running, and how she’s building upon last year’s victories for more running fun in 2012.I’m proud of SnarkyKat and her new Master’s degree. I’m proud of Laurgs and setting up an studio for The Arts.

Always afraid to say them out loud…but…here’s goes.

Goals for the Year 2012

  • Write novel, “The Draft”. There will be no orcs in this, though it will be about a high-school, so probably just as much profanity as an orc based story. I will write first draft, and revise it, then send it off to fools that volunteer…I mean friends that don’t know any better, to see what they have to say.
  • Write “A Short History of Agriculture before Columbus”, a non-fiction. Because, I like biting off more than I can chew. I’ve thought about what needs to be done just to do the research, I figure I need to read about 50 books, a couple hundred articles/chapters, dozens of interviews, scores of videos, a couple of field trips… This project is impossible, and will be horribly done. But, in the spirit NaNoWriMo…Go. Write. WIN!
  • Read 28 books, which would be two more than 2011.
  • Blog three times a week for my ultra-cool readers.
  • Watch a game of every NBA team.
  • Enroll in school.

Goals for January – because sometimes, goals need to be bite sized

  • write 300 words per day

Goals for the week – or, there are always little tiny baby steps to take

  • Less than 70 minutes of TV/Facebook/web-surfing a day. Srsly, how pathetic is that?
  • Go to bed, on average, before 11:30pm
  • pushups – five days, for a total of 14
  • guitar – five days, for a total of 40 minutes

Wow, those goals for the week are pretty embarrassing, huh? Well, step aside pride, and off to something slightly better, yes?


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