MrGrunty quotes

This evening, MrGrunty was inspecting my chin, closely examining, poking & prodding & pinching. I asked if he was looking at my whiskers. “No papa, it’s splinters….I don’t want splinters when I grow up.”

Christmas Eve,  we took the childrens to “down-the-town” for a surprise. As me & the boys were riding the elevator up, MrG, with big smile and excited eyes, exclaimed, “It’s a carousel! ”  When it was time to go home, he protested, “We didn’t get to see the surprise…we didn’t see a lot of trains.”

Speaking of trains. MrG when trying to describe something will give a very specific detail, hoping that his parents will know exactly what he’s talking about. Unfortunately, we often don’t. He gets very frustrated when we say we don’t know. But, we’ve been trying to calm him down, and ask for a few more details to help us remember. “I want to go to the place with the three trains and one you can ride….We went there with Finn & James.”  So, we went to Country Village in Bothell.

One night, because of cooking, the smoke alarm went off. We took this opportunity to practice a fire drill with the childrens. When he had his boots on, MrG with a very concerned look on his face, “Papa, we have to get the kitties.”


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