Today, started, around 3AM, with MrGrunty crawling into our bed. Around 5AM, MsSqueaky wanted to crawl in too, but that’s too crowded. So she and I went to the living room  for the couch. When I tried to quietly get extra blankets from their room, that woke MrCuddles, and I took him too. He fell back asleep quickly on the sofa. MsSqueaky, was watching the snow. Telling me about it ever few minutes.

We finally got to church. And I was the teacher… for, my childrens, an 11 year old, and 16 year old. Needless to say, they didn’t pay attention. I tried to teach them “Siyahamba“. Luckily Leena was there to sing along.

We got home, and me, MrGrunty, MsSqueaky played in the front yard. MsSqueaky climbed to top of a mound, MrG quickly followed, and she announced, “I am the King and Grunty is the queen.”  We made a snow man. After, MrG wanted to have a snow-fight, so we threw snowballs at each other until the second time he got hit in the face. We did have lots of fun, lots of laughing. He laughed the loudest when he would get hit by a snowball on the back of his coat while running away.

Hanging out. Parents, reading. MrG & MrCuddles got babies in strollers, and walked around the house. MrC calls his babies, all of them, “Charney”.  Later, MsSqueaky would dress up MrCuddles with her bike-helmet, and sandals. Later, MrG and MsS were drawing pictures for their school friends, and MrC was just playing with his “Charneys”.

They did get in trouble for taking two complete packages of wipes, and hanging the wipes all around their bedroom. They knew they were in trouble, because MsS and MrG went right away and didn’t even protest when they were sent to time out.


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