Today, I took each child out for a bit of solo time with Papa.   🙂

  • Started with MrCuddles, we went to the CentralMarket, which is awesome with their variety, makes me want to take up cooking again.  Forty shelf feet of varieties of calrose rice,  a cold case full of noodles, three shelves of rice vinegar. MrCuddles liked the crab, lobster, clam and oyster tanks. I happened to run into a co-worker from the long-ago, and met his wife and 9 month old child.
  • Then, MsSqueaky & I went to the library. She picked some books, and after we played hide-n-seek, climbing, chasing, and rocket ship on the playground.
  • After lunch, MrGrunty and I caught the bus downtown. We went to the train station, no trains. Then off to ride the monorail, and have a bite of pizza at Seattle Center. I think his favorite part was watching the the trains in the bus tunnel.

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