Super Sunday

This morning, I taught Bible class, the early elementery grads. It was based off of Luke 5:17-26. We read the story, I would stop them every now and then to review what we just heard. (One of my students was much better at gleening an answer off the picture than listening to what was just said. Funny.) I tried to keep it up beat, moving fast, pointing out the good in the answers and quickly helping them out by pointing out something they had missed.

Then it was time for games. So, we had a liter and an doll. I set up a small obstacle course for them to bring their “friend” to Jesus. On the first attempt, the dropped the doll right away. The second time, they dropped the doll when trying to lower the doll into the “house” (three tables put together with a small opening. Don’t tell OHSA.)  Third time, I made the obstacle course tougher, and had them talk together as a team to see what they could do. Also, one of the teamers this time went ahead to clear obstacles. They were 30 seconds faster. Then, my favorite fourth grader crashed the class. We had a brilliant idea, and my boss was next door. Soon, we were carrying the fourth grader around the halls on a tarp!

After class, another big kid wanted to play Battleship with me. All three of my childrens joined us. MsSqueaky and MrCuddles were busy just putting pegs on the big kid’s board. MrGrunty was still learning his cartesian points, and so didn’t even realize the strategy.

At home, the childrens played with bubbles and bikes on the deck, it was a beautiful day, whilst MyBetterHalf made lunch and I cleaned dishes.

After that, I took the childrens to the beach so that MyBetterHalf could concentrate on watching some commercials during the SuperBowl. MrCuddles fell asleep on the way there. On the way down to the beach, we saw a collection of (MsS said “thirty”) tanker cars on the tracks, just sitting. We got to the beach, and started to dig. MsSqueaky and MrGrunty wanted to take off their boots and socks. MrG quickly put his back on. We packed sand in a bucket, MrG was using his hands, he didn’t need a shovel!  Then the boys wanted to go down to the water and through rocks. So, I went with the boys, keeping an eye on MsS, who made a friend with a little girl and they were digging together while the boys threw rocks.

Then I heard a train whistle, and we all ran back up the hill to get on the bridge. We got there quick enough to wave at the crew, and they waved back. Back to the surf, this time throwing sticks in, so they could be boats. A big dog fetched on of our sticks from the water, brought it back to us, and then shook himself dry! Suddenly, the tide came in quickly with big waves. The big waves scared MrCuddles, who covered his ears, and wanted me to hold him. We went up the beach, sat on a log, watched the sunset and predicted the size of the waves.


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