No NBA for Seattle, please

Hey Sports-fans

There are rumors, and political leanings, and businesspeople pulling strings…all in an attempt to bring an NBA team back to Seattle. No thanks. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the NBA, but it feels especially freeing to be able to watch without a home team that I’m supposed to root for. I don’t want owners promising, “We will be competitive in five years we can be in the Finals… [seven years pass]…uh…we need a new arena.”  I know that if a team was here, well, I hear about it more than the other teams, that I would start to pay attention, I would start to care, and eventually have my heart broken. Also, it would be a traffic consideration ~40 days a year, eventually, no matter how good the offer is now, they are going to want arena upgrades “to be competitive”.  What ever, fans buy tickets because of winning teams, not for cushy seats.

So please, David Stern, rumor has you screwed over Seattle when you let the Sonics move away. Please don’t let us have another team, I can’t handle the pressure. You know, what you should do…take a team south… like Mexico City, broaden & build your fan base.

Side note to OKC Thunder. No hard feelings to y’all. I especially like how you are being very successful in a small market, with a low payroll.



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