Mr Cuddles is three

This morning, a bit before six, MrCuddles came to our room, and crawled up in the bed. I gave him three kisses and he giggled, and I was worried he wanted to play, but then he snuggled up, and we went back to sleep for a two hours when MsSqueaky announced, “It’s snowing!”   Yup, big flakes covering the ground with white. Oh, boy. That got MrCuddles up, and he ran to the “limb-ing Loom” to see. From my warm bed I heard MrGrunty say, “Hey, why is it snowing? It’s not winter anymore. Oh, the sky is cold! Snow is a kind of water.”

Then the childrens danced and sang, “it’s snowing, it’s snowing” and after that, MrGrunty & MsSqueaky sang “Happy Birthday to You” to Nicholas. (The parents were slowly getting up, MrG and MsS have been counting down until MrCuddles birthday.)

We had a party today for MrCuddles, and a bunch of his friends came over. I had a plan… and it actually worked! The childrens each made their own pizza, (double-plus-mega-Thanxies to Meighs for assisting) we had four pizza makers at a time. I also served curry for the adults.

I think the childrens and their friends had fun.

After our friends left, MyBetterHalf played a game with MrG & MsS. MrCuddles and I explored the tools in a small tool kit.

Right now, MrCuddles is painting, he made brown paint from the blue & red and is painting one of his cars, with I think the fifth coat of paint. After that, he took a napkin to clean the mess on the table, and then he painted the table, and then wiped the paint around, then painted again.


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