Bible Class drama

Two of the past three weeks I’ve been teaching the “Four friends take their paralyzed friend to Jesus, but have to cut a hole in the roof” to the early elementary class. This morning, we performed the play for the pre-school class. My students knew the story, chose which parts they wanted, (oh, but first, we HAD to get costumes), they assigned me my part (Narrator), and when I messed up during the performance, they went along with it, solved the issue in character, and when the performance was over, then they scolded me. (I was supposed to move a prop, when I didn’t, the actress instead moved.)  All during the rehearsal I kept drilling into them, “Louder and slower” and they were pretty good at that during performance.

AND…this morning, while I was herding the children into worship, I thought, “why does the worship team sound better today?”. Then I noticed, one of my former Bible-class students, W was playing his violin with the worship team. Metaphore  time…it was like someone had added a pinch of salt to the stew. When I told him I was glad he played, W, having the Statler & Waldorf as role models, just grunted at me. I really like W, he makes me smile. One of these days after church, gonna have to have him show his chickens to my childrens.


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