stories and song

MrCuddles, during the awesome UNC -vs- Dook game tonight (UNC won), was singing, “I want to go to Carolina, I want to go to Carolina”. Now maybe, because he’s a UNC fan…or maybe because I bribed the childrens with, “If you guys say ‘go Carolina!’ you can have a root beer.”

Story by MsSqueaky:

One day, HelloKitty and HelloKitty’s cousin try to went somewhere but they coundn’t find it. They had a friend Squeaky who was paralyzed. They couldn’t carry it. Then then she what happened HelloKitty and Squeaky hide-ed.”

Story by Mr Grunty

Story about trains that crash into cars! One time there was a train, and the crossing and the crossing guard and all cars stopped. But one car didn’t and car stopped on the train track. And the train crashed. And they had-ed to go to hospital and at hospital Squeaky was there and helped the kids.

Later, they were playing instruments, MrG had drums, and whilst banging on them, “Papa, I’m louder than you!”  MrC had a ukelele, and sang “Happy Birthday”, and MsS got ukelele and sang “Lady Bug Song” that she made up.


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