this evening

MrCuddles, has so much energy. When I was reading and telling bedtime stories to his siblings, he was running back and forth across the room, hopping across the room, or climbing all over and under the beds. He wanted stories about trains. Before we turned off the lights, h,re was pointing to letters on a book cover, and saying letter names. They didn’t match, but it was very cute, and I’m glad he’s learning that the ABC correspond to writing.

MrGrunty, he had a fight with his sister, “she has three things, and I only have one!”  (Funny enough, most of the things they were fighting over were gift Cars ™ that MrCuddles got on his third birthday.) When I was telling him a story, that I was making up, mind you, he kept correcting me on the details I was getting wrong.

MsSqueaky, was home sick today with mommy. And didn’t take a nap. She fell asleep on the sofa, and foolishly, in process of getting her to bed, we woke her up all the way. So then, during story time, she realized how tired she was and got very grumpy. She yelled at MrC, because he wanted to say prayers and she wanted a story, (although, in her defense, sometimes MrC can be a bit exhaustive in everyone and everything he is Thankful for.)  Then she was yelling at me, “I want a story…I don’t know what kind of story… NOT that story!!”

After a few minutes, I took MsS to Mommy & Papa’s bed, and she cried there for a few minutes until she let herself go to sleep.

Meanwhile, MrCuddles was calling out, “Papa….Paaaaa-pa…papa…PAPA…. Mommy….mommy?…..MOOOOOOMMMMYYY”. We ignored him so not to encourage him.


One Response to “this evening”

  1. Heather Says:

    It was really you that was waking her up fully. ;-D

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