today work

Got home right when the childrens were hearing their mommy tell them stories, with the lights off. I snuck to the door, and heard MrCuddles say, “why not papa coming in here”.  I went in, and spent a few time with my babies, telling stories about the people I met tonight in a meeting, singing a lullaby, a story about trains for MrC, a story about trains for MrG, and a story about when I got hit in the head with a rock as a small child for MsS.

Once upon a time, when I was a small boy, I lived in Missouri. (Usually I pronounce it “Misery”). We lived on what I assume was a farm, there was a bunch of land, we couldn’t see our nearest neighbor, the drive way was gravel and 100 yards long. I don’t know why my parents picked that spot. When a friend of mine was visiting, we went to play at the pond. On that day, we turned over a board, and saw a snake in process of eating a frog – that memory stuck with me. (MrG asked, “why do snakes eat frogs”)  Later, my dog was playing in the pond, and my friend was at the same time throwing rocks into the water (as children like to do). I told him not to. He turned and threw the rock at me, striking me in the forehead.


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