How to fix the NCAA

Hey sportsfans…I’m sure this post will be unpopular.

NCAA athletes should be allowed to collect a salary, or accept gifts for their contribution to the school. For some reason, we are stuck in the mind set that athletes in college should compete for the love of the game, and if the school brings in millions of dollars in ticket, merchandise, and TV revenue, the students should be happy to get a tuition scholarship. What other field do we limit a student from capitalizing on their skill? If they have a music scholarship, they can still play weddings for cash on the weekends. If they are a drama student, and suddenly are in a blockbuster movie, they would be welcomed back to the school’s next performance of Hamlet. If they are in a business/ law/politics school, and they make connections and get a nice cushy summer job, we congratulate them.

So, worried about parity? Worried that if schools/boosters could pay the best students, then only the biggest programs would have competitive teams. Well, that’s already the case…the biggest programs do have the best teams. Now, what if a student athlete declares themselves eligible for a Conference draft? And just like NBA or NFL, the teams would take turns selecting the athletes that they would want to give scholarship to.  Boosters couldn’t bribe a kid to pick a school. All teams would have chance to get best recruits.

Or, we could be like the rest of the world, and divorce athletics from universities.



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