Walking Dead – Castle Up!

OK, so the characters probably won’t hear me… and there are questions and issues brought up from the earlier episodes this season that I won’t really go into:

  • Why it’s right for the boys to do the dangerous stuff, and the girls to mind the home front, when it’s the end-of-the-world.
  • How do you take a former enemy, and turn them into your ally?
  • Rick is a horrible leader, because he waffles and flip-flops…dude, who put you in charge? And why did Shane roll over and let you be in charge, he seemed to know what was going on and be the leader before you returned to the land of the living.

But, seriously, you’re surrounded by zombies… Castle up.

At this point, I would like to say good things the producers of the show have done

  • “Eighteen Miles Out” – the end climax… where flashing between two story lines, each flash getting shorter and the two story lines build in tension. Nice.
  • “Better Angles” – I liked the intro, one character giving a soliloquy, while we watch other character’s kicking ass.
  • I like how different groups have different slang for Walkers.

What they should do…

  • Issue clothes at beginning of the series… and don’t repair or replace them. If they get stained, torn, broke, …that seems pretty realistic for the end of the world.  Maybe have T-dog grow some hair on top of his head, how many disposable razors do they have? Yes…they would get grubby. Maybe they “find” new ones…but the new ones don’t fit.

Back to Castle Up.

Your enemy is slow, only a threat at close range, has no weapons or tools. A castle would be perfect. Big high walls, and then just drop stuff on their heads. I am disappointed that Hershel hasn’t done this to his farm. Right now, as they are preparing the farmhouse, instead of boarding up the windows, why not dig a ditch around the house, so that walkers can’t even get to the windows? I’m sure the farm has a tractor/backhoe, some big tool that can help move a lot of dirt quickly. Take up the floorboards from the scenic looking porch, and the walkers are three feet lower than the first floor. Sure, sure, the barb wire fence has kept you safe so far…but as a farmer, I’m sure you realize that fences fall down, get knocked down, have trees fall on them. As Rick could tell you, Walkers are walking the highway in large groups, and there were crowds of them in Atlanta.

What do do about other humans?  This is a great question, that I antagonize my brother with all the time, “would Jesus bring a machine gun into a bomb shelter?”  Because, your shelter has only so many supplies. Outsiders will try to break in and steal, which would be starving your people. How many do you let in? How do you discourage raiders? How many could Hershel’s farm hold… maybe a hundred. That labor force could help build more castle walls. And I’m thinking, the castle wall only needs to be about eight feet tall…unless so many of them pile up on top of each other…



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