recent quotes

The other morning, our neighbor’s German Sheppard had jumped into our yard…MrCuddles said to me, “We don’t want a dirt dog to scare Oliver!”

One night, MrGrunty was way too tired, and was refusing bed, and screaming he wasn’t tired and didn’t want to go to bed, and keeping the others awake. So I took him to Time-out, and went across the room to blog. He would turn to walk away, and with a stern face I would point back to the corner, where he went, crying. After a few minutes he agreed to be quiet and lay down on the couch. The next morning, he was telling the story of what happened to MsS, and then said, “I don’t like time-out. I’m not gonna be bad anymore.”

One morning, we heard MsSqueaky talking, “When we go to heaven we get to see our friends.”

The other night, I must mention, the three of them had their babies in strollers, and were taking their babies around the house:

  • living room = the beach
  • bedroom = the park

Then after a full “day” of fun, they put their babies in their beds, and the Mom, the Dad, and the Dad went to the living room to relax. We heard them fake crying, and then the Mom, the Dad, and the Dad went running to the bedroom to check on their babies. “Baby, what’s wrong?”  After a couple times of that, “Babies, you need to go to sleep!”  After a couple of times of that, MrG exlaimed, “If the baby cries again, I’m not going in there.”   MsS said, “Babies, quit your whining!”

What are they learning from us?


One Response to “recent quotes”

  1. heathercim Says:

    Awww, our children are hilarious.

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