MyBetterHalf woke up MrGrunty & MsSqueaky to take them to a sale, looking for used clothes. As we expected, there aren’t too many used clothes for five  year olds, because they just tear up their clothes.

I got up, and watched some basketball while MrCuddles slept. Near half-time, he got up, crawled up on my lap, ate cereal, and we watched. I pointed out Chris Paul, and MrC told me, “I love Chrispaul. We will go see him there on Sunday.” When the rest of the family returned home, MrCuddles was very excited, and then saw MrG had a new truck, and started cheering. He cheered even louder when he found they brought him a truck too.  (MyBetterHalf had no intention on buying clothes, but when MsSqueaky found a monster-truck for her brother, …) MrG got a monster truck, MrC got a fire-truck, MsS got a pony.

MyBetterHalf wanted to balance the checkbook, so, me and the childrens took the bus to the Burke Museum. When I mentioned it, there was a  bit on confusion, they thought, “Childrens-Museum”… and didn’t really get the “natural history part”, MrG was starting to get a bit upset. So, we started chanting, “Let’s go to the Burke!”

I was expecting a smorgasborg of Native American foods, due to their advertising flyer. That wasn’t there. However, the cutest thing, MsS grabbed my finger, earnestly said, “Papa, come here,  I have something to show you” and we followed her over to an exhibit, which she hadn’t see before, because we hadn’t been there before, but stopped at a Day-of-the-Dead Shrine, and we all admired the beauty. Then we took turns, showing each other cool stuff.

We wandered around campus while going back to the bus. MrC used his cutest phrase, “Yeah, I’m are.”

At home, there was eventually a sun break, and I went out to dig. The childrens played on the deck, played in the dirt, and we all looked at worms.

After dinner, they painted Easter Eggs.


One Response to “today”

  1. heathercim Says:

    I had every intention of buying clothes. I didn’t intend to buy toys, however.

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