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Miami -vs- Knicks game 1

29 April, 2012

Hey there Sports Fans, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, the NBA playoffs.

First, Dear Oklahoma City fans, I know you’re new to this, but the crowd should not go crazy when the number two seed (that’s your team, the Thunder) beats the number seven seed in the last second of game #1. That’s what’s supposed to happen. When you get all excited, like it was the biggest thing, it sends a little message that you were a bit concerned. And these games should be “taking care of business”.  Now if you do happen to pump up the excitement for every game, then hats off to you, you deserved your great young team and I wish them the best.

Second… stoopid DVR… we got a new one Friday, and yesterday, while recording my games, there were multiple interruptions, and so I had to try and piece together Knicks-v-Miami from three different truncated recordings. Annoying.

The game… we were all waiting for this… the Heat (who I’m actually rooting for this post-season), vs the Knicks, who are trying to rebuild to greatness. And, the first twenty minutes were close… but wow, talk about an embarrassment. How did the Knicks become so disfunctional… the only bright spot this season was when some undrafted kid from Harvard had a few beautiful games, then at least showed he was competent while the big stars were sitting on the bench. Carmelo, seems to be a one-trick-scoring-guru-no-defense-ball-hog. Armare – bet he misses Steve Nash, a great point guard who made him look great. Tyson Chandler, was a great addition, but seems last night he was regulated to “be a thug vs LeBron” accomplishing nothing.  Miami’s pickup of Shane Battier – he of “No Stats All-Star” article fame – watched him take two charges, excellent.





26 April, 2012

Last Sunday, we went to the UW-PowWow. The childrens did NOT like the fry-bread tacos, so I had to eat three of those. But the childrens did want to just eat plain fry bread. After the first big dance, MrCuddles said, “I want them to do that again.”  During one of the dances, MsSqueaky was following along and copying the hand movements.  MrGrunty just stared, even after his siblings got bored and wanted to go. After a bit, MrG was pointing out the numbers the dancers had and telling me about their costumes, so I could find them too.

The Sunday before that, we took them to see UW Women’s Softball game. I gotta say, seemed a lot more fast paced than a Mariners game, and the final score was about the same. MrG sat and watched, me & MyBetterHalf took turns walking around the stadium with MrC & MsS after they got bored.



21 April, 2012

We went to Husky-Fest at UW campus. MrCuddles, twice, ran up and gave Harry-the-Husky a big hug. Then to downtown, to see a Glee-Flash-Mob. Back at home, MrGrunty wanted to practice his hitting…and if he keeps hitting off of my pitching… (note to self: Never watch “MoneyBall” before playing ball with your childrens.) And then we had our popcorn and watched “Monsters-vs-Aliens”, they all stayed awake for it, MsSqueaky & MrGrunty watched most of it.  MsSqueaky also played baseball, but quit after she got a hit. And same this morning with basketball, as soon as she got “nothing but net from down town” she went off to play something. MrG, when he’s doing sports, he doesn’t want to quit.


March 17 Boston vs Knickerbockers

18 April, 2012

A much more entertaining game, last night’s Celtics at New York.

At the beginning of the game, I heard that New York misses a lot of three point shots. That did not seem to be the case last night. Well, as Sir Charles Barkley says, “you live by the three, you die by the three.”

I heard rumors that Boston considered trading Rondo for Chris Paul. This doesn’t really make sense to me. Unless he is terrible with teammates or coaches, why get rid of a player that seems to do magical layups. I love watching him, last night, zipped past Tyson Chandler and made an incredibly difficult shot look easy. He seems fearless, he has championship experience… I don’t see Chris Paul as an upgrade.

Speaking of crazy… why did Dallas let Tyson Chandler go. I learned about how great he was last year from Dallas coach, Rick Carlisle, how Tyson changed the team’s intensity, focused the team on defense, was a leader. Mr Cuban, you should have payed him. I see Chandler as NYC best addition this year. Last night, at least four times I saw Chandler take two quick steps, catch a fast pass, and slam d

March 31 – Nets @ Sacramento

18 April, 2012

This game shall be called, “Oh, how the mighty have fallen”

I remember watching New Jersey Nets playing LA in the NBA finals  in Hawaii. (Thanxies to MyBetterHalf for letting me  do that on our vacation!)

I remember Sacramento being a powerful club in the west, battling against LA for the Conference championship for two years in a row.

Well…those games were better than the game I watched from March 31st.

Saturday fun days

14 April, 2012

so… last Saturday, (That would be April 7th, 2011, A.D. )  me and the childrens declared it to be “Papa & child time Day”

First – Papa & MrGrunty Time.  We drove to the Ballard Locks and walked around. Watched the sail boats pass through, a train pass, the train bridge rise for sailboat, the fish ladder and even saw a small salmon. We took a quick “peek” (MrG liked that new word) at the visitor’s center. He saw some coloring books for kids, from the US Army Corp of Engineers, and wanted to take three, so all the kids at home would have one. When we got back, MrCuddles hollered and skipped, “Yay, coloring books.”

Next – Papa & MrCuddles Time.  We took the bus downtown, rode a few buses, watched a train, looked at the giant at the Seattle Art Mus eum, and went down the steps at University St.  When we got off the bus, MrCuddles said, “thankyou” to the bus driver, and he said, “you’re welcome, little man.”  MrCuddles laughed, “I not a little man, I Cuddles.”  Then, we went to go pick up donuts for everybody back home. (Note to self, next time make sure I get three blue frosted donuts.)

Finally – Papa & MsSqueaky Time.  We went to the new play area at the mall. (Not my choice, I wanted to be outside on such a beautiful day.) Then to the park at the library. Then to pick up pretzels for to share with everybody.

(Not on Saturday, but this week, MrGrunty was saying, “guys, we have to practice for our show tomorrow”. And a few minutes, they invited us to the loft. MrG was on keyboard, swaying back and forth to the beat. MsS was pounding out a steady quarter note beat on the drum. MrCuddles was strumming a ukelele, dancing, singing, “where my drum is? it’s outside. I can’t go get it, it’s outside!” )

AND Today… we warned the childrens we would go someplace, but wouldn’t tell them. MsSqueaky was having a meltdown when we were getting ready, “I don’t wanna go! There won’t be slides, there won’t be toys….there won’t be a sofa.”  I had to end her complaining and wailing, and said in a silly voice, “I don’t know if there will be a sofa at the FARM… ooops!”  And acted surprised that I had blurted out the secret. The childrens started laughing. It was a great time, we pet goats, pigglets (the pigglets tried to eat me & MrC’s boots!), sheep & ponies. They went for a train ride, went for a pony ride, played in a bounce house, played basketball and learned how to drive pint-sized electric cars.  Yes, I gave MsSqueaky her first driving lesson (“stay off the grass! watch out! foot off the gas!!”, it was wonderful, she was smiling huge.)

Then to Tripple X burgers for lunch… Great Rootbeer, good fries, fun atmosphere, friendly staff… big portions, alright burgers, and a bit pricey.

this morning

13 April, 2012

Me: “Childrens, it is time to go.”

Them: “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

Me: “yes”

MsSqueaky, “But Papa, you need to take a shower.”

MrGrunty: “You take a shower every morning.”

MrCuddles, “YAAAAYYYY, shower!!!!”

This evening, I played hide and seek with them. And then it was bedtime… MrCuddles was super-tired, and screamed for mommy for a few minutes, before finally crawling onto my lap to listen to stories.

Timberwolves @ Portland

4 April, 2012

So, I hear that Kevin Love is a rebounding monster. For the game I mostly saw, (took a while to find it, because NBATV couldn’t show it because of local contracts. Whatever.), Love had a decent all around game, some rebounding, some driving to the basket, a three point shot.

April 1st, Timberwolves at Portland, fun for the first part, but then Portland got control of the game.

New Orleans @ Clippers

1 April, 2012

March 26, New Orleans Hornets visited the Clippers. And the Clippers started the game on a 12 – 2 run. It worries me the Clippers don’t have the killer instinct, because a couple of times they let the Hornets get close.

Things I noticed

  • Chris Paul will do a quick chest pass, while others seemed to prefer an arching lob pass to Blake for the dunk.
  • Blake, when battling for a rebound, will tip it up if he can’t get it on the first try, pushing the ball slightly away from the other team so he can grab it. I heard Mr Dennis Rodman used to do that.
  • It seems to me, that the Clippers quickly rush over to help up a fallen teammate.  And when Blake & Chris Paul were on the bench, they would stand and cheer for their teammates. Perhaps good team chemistry?

Recent NBA news

  • Good. Stephan Marbury lead a team to championship in China. First I like stories of redemption, or at least rehabilitation. Second, more NBA talent in China will grow the sport there, and with a billion people, I’m sure basketball could easily be the second most popular sport in the world within ten years.  (I’m not sure what sport is #2, right now…cricket is big in India & Pakistan… baseball in the Pacific Rim & the Americas. Basketball, maybe.) And third, more Americans in China, more of a good influence of freedom & democracy. (Even if it is only Chinese citizens thinking, “wow, those Americans can get away with some crazy stuff!”)
  • Bad. I hear Mr Dennis Rodman is having legal, health & financial troubles. I always liked him as a player, he was way underrated, a rebounding prodigy, a defensive wizard, and psychological-warfare expert. I would have him on my team ANY day of the week. Unfortunately, seems that demons follow the talented.