New Orleans @ Clippers

March 26, New Orleans Hornets visited the Clippers. And the Clippers started the game on a 12 – 2 run. It worries me the Clippers don’t have the killer instinct, because a couple of times they let the Hornets get close.

Things I noticed

  • Chris Paul will do a quick chest pass, while others seemed to prefer an arching lob pass to Blake for the dunk.
  • Blake, when battling for a rebound, will tip it up if he can’t get it on the first try, pushing the ball slightly away from the other team so he can grab it. I heard Mr Dennis Rodman used to do that.
  • It seems to me, that the Clippers quickly rush over to help up a fallen teammate.  And when Blake & Chris Paul were on the bench, they would stand and cheer for their teammates. Perhaps good team chemistry?

Recent NBA news

  • Good. Stephan Marbury lead a team to championship in China. First I like stories of redemption, or at least rehabilitation. Second, more NBA talent in China will grow the sport there, and with a billion people, I’m sure basketball could easily be the second most popular sport in the world within ten years.  (I’m not sure what sport is #2, right now…cricket is big in India & Pakistan… baseball in the Pacific Rim & the Americas. Basketball, maybe.) And third, more Americans in China, more of a good influence of freedom & democracy. (Even if it is only Chinese citizens thinking, “wow, those Americans can get away with some crazy stuff!”)
  • Bad. I hear Mr Dennis Rodman is having legal, health & financial troubles. I always liked him as a player, he was way underrated, a rebounding prodigy, a defensive wizard, and psychological-warfare expert. I would have him on my team ANY day of the week. Unfortunately, seems that demons follow the talented.



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