Saturday fun days

so… last Saturday, (That would be April 7th, 2011, A.D. )  me and the childrens declared it to be “Papa & child time Day”

First – Papa & MrGrunty Time.  We drove to the Ballard Locks and walked around. Watched the sail boats pass through, a train pass, the train bridge rise for sailboat, the fish ladder and even saw a small salmon. We took a quick “peek” (MrG liked that new word) at the visitor’s center. He saw some coloring books for kids, from the US Army Corp of Engineers, and wanted to take three, so all the kids at home would have one. When we got back, MrCuddles hollered and skipped, “Yay, coloring books.”

Next – Papa & MrCuddles Time.  We took the bus downtown, rode a few buses, watched a train, looked at the giant at the Seattle Art Mus eum, and went down the steps at University St.  When we got off the bus, MrCuddles said, “thankyou” to the bus driver, and he said, “you’re welcome, little man.”  MrCuddles laughed, “I not a little man, I Cuddles.”  Then, we went to go pick up donuts for everybody back home. (Note to self, next time make sure I get three blue frosted donuts.)

Finally – Papa & MsSqueaky Time.  We went to the new play area at the mall. (Not my choice, I wanted to be outside on such a beautiful day.) Then to the park at the library. Then to pick up pretzels for to share with everybody.

(Not on Saturday, but this week, MrGrunty was saying, “guys, we have to practice for our show tomorrow”. And a few minutes, they invited us to the loft. MrG was on keyboard, swaying back and forth to the beat. MsS was pounding out a steady quarter note beat on the drum. MrCuddles was strumming a ukelele, dancing, singing, “where my drum is? it’s outside. I can’t go get it, it’s outside!” )

AND Today… we warned the childrens we would go someplace, but wouldn’t tell them. MsSqueaky was having a meltdown when we were getting ready, “I don’t wanna go! There won’t be slides, there won’t be toys….there won’t be a sofa.”  I had to end her complaining and wailing, and said in a silly voice, “I don’t know if there will be a sofa at the FARM… ooops!”  And acted surprised that I had blurted out the secret. The childrens started laughing. It was a great time, we pet goats, pigglets (the pigglets tried to eat me & MrC’s boots!), sheep & ponies. They went for a train ride, went for a pony ride, played in a bounce house, played basketball and learned how to drive pint-sized electric cars.  Yes, I gave MsSqueaky her first driving lesson (“stay off the grass! watch out! foot off the gas!!”, it was wonderful, she was smiling huge.)

Then to Tripple X burgers for lunch… Great Rootbeer, good fries, fun atmosphere, friendly staff… big portions, alright burgers, and a bit pricey.


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