Thunder -vs- Mavs game 3

Well… I thought that NBA-TV was gonna be cool, and have the 48 minute game smooshed into a one hour slot. But, they cut stuff, and had five minutes of “most-improved-player” news conference.

I did see most of the game 3, Thunder easily beating the Mavs. Sorry, MrCuban, maybe you should have paid Tyson Chandler. (And Tyson, getting ready to get swept by Miami, is probably wishing he was on a better team too.)

Not sure why Vince Carter was all super excited and doing a Hulk-pose and scream after getting a nice dunk early in the game. You would think he would be mature enough to only celebrate a game winning dunk, not an early game dunk, when his team is down by two games.

Probably the funniest explanation for Dallas’ woes comes from MrBillSimmons… please see point #20.

MrGrunty is gonna be sad that Dirk is gonna lose.


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