Lakers -vs- Nuggets game 7

Stoopid Lakers. Stoopid having two good seven footers, and Kobe who can make amazing shots from stoopid three-point range with a defender in his face, and stoopid having (very possibly) crazy* Meta-World-Peace who can defend great.

Denver, you had your chances… I saw too many throw the ball away turnovers that should have been fast-break baskets.

It was a good, close game 7.

Hoping the Thunder quickly defeat the Lakers in the next round.

*So, my impression, is Meta has psychological issues, but is attempting to get help, but every now and then, he will “fall of the wagon” so to speak, and, give someone a concussion. I like how Meta is bringing awareness to mental-health problems, how he donated his championship reason to help mentally ill. He seems much happier in LA, and he seems to accept his role.   But, the real thing that makes me think he is actually crazy, is how he keeps shooting 3-pointers. He’s not that good from downtown, but gets lucky enough so that he forgets about all his misses, and thus keeps shooting them.


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