Heat vs Pacers – game 1

Watched the last half of the game, with MrGrunty sitting next to me. I was rooting for the Heat, he was rooting for the Pacers, maybe because he was  bit mad at me because I let MrCuddles play basketball with us, and when MrG screamed and refused to get out of the way, I put him in timeout. I think we’re cool, now. During timeouts we would play catch, and MrG was excited that he was catching the ball, using only his hands. Which is kinda funny, because moments ago, MrCuddles was excited to catch the ball, using his hands and face.

Pacers had a chance. I feel bad rooting against them.


One Response to “Heat vs Pacers – game 1”

  1. heathercim Says:

    Perhaps he was rooting for the Pacers because I was and it was Mother’s Day after all.

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