Thunder -vs- Lakers game 3

When we were playing basketball on the deck, MrGrunty announced, “Papa, JamesHarden is the number 13 teamer.”

I turned on the game was worried that Lakers were off to a 8 – 0 start.

Was watching the game with MyChildrens, MyBetterHalf went to Spokane.

  • MrGrunty’s favorite players: James Harden, Kobe & BlakeGriffen
  • MsSqueaky’s favorite players: JamesHarden, Pau Gasol
  • MrCuddles copied and likes JamesHarden

MrGrunty was cheering on James Harden, MrG seems to like the silly big beard JamesHarden wears.

It was  a very entertaining game, many lead changes…stoopid Lakers win at the end. I am a bit disappointed that MetaWorldPeace decided to kneel on Russel Westbrook after the whistle was blown to stop play. Meta, please, be a better man. Kevin Durrant amazing with some impossible trick shots that somehow went in the basket.


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