this weekend

well…yesterday, aboot half way through, I decided to not feel guilty aboot being lazy. And read a big chunk of GameOfThrones-book2.

Cute story of the day, MrCuddles was on the deck, I was reading, he was pulling the wagon around the deck. Then, he started running in a circle, still pulling the wagon, “Whoa, Whoa!!” running faster and faster, and then came to a stop next to me, “Papa, that was close.” I asked if something was chasing him, “Yeah, the wagon was chasing me.”

This morning, I was to teach the early elementary Bible Class…I even brought in a lamb stew with barley, to tell story of Jacob stealing Esau’s birthright. But, only one of my students was there, and a couple of high school kids joined us. Lesson plan out the window, (Don’t worry, I didn’t work on it too much!)  And I chatted with the high school students about what school is like, if they talk about Church with their friends, what their friends believe.

Then, I did way too much yard work. OK, any yard work is usually too much in my book. But I did transplant some tomatoes that I had been growing from seed in my kitchen window. So far, I seem to be doing good growing radishes, mustard-greens, cho-ho… and weeds. I am foolishly trying for corn, again, but this time I will plant beans and squash too, to make it a Three-Sisters plot.

We went to a different Church this evening, MrGrunty liked it last week, and said he wanted to go there “one hundred times”. I asked why he liked it, “we played basket ball.”

Speaking of basketball… we had a fight.

MrGrunty yelled, “Squeaky, that’s not a free throw it’s a slam dunk.”

MsSqeauky, “It’s a free throw.”

MrG, getting more and more upset, walks to the basket, hoovers his hand over the net, “Squeaky, look! Is this a throw?” and he let go of the ball, “No! It’s a drop.”

MsS wandered away.

MrG, “Papa, I don’t like Squeaky anymore. I want a new sister.”

And then, MyBetterHalf and I had our date night, watching GameOfThrones-season2-episode 9.



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