Spurs -vs- Thunder game 1

At the beginning of the game, MrGrunty asked me who I wanted to win. I told him I don’t know, that I like both teams. He said, “but one team is not going to win.”

First quarter, a beautiful example of basketball. Defenses were hustling, passes to the open player, scrums for the loose ball. Looked like too many offensive rebounds, I watched Duncan get his own missed shot twice in a row, just out powering the defenders. Then Westbrook got his own rebound, after he shot a long two and the ball ricocheted back to him. By the end of the quarter, I wasn’t sure who would win. And then, Ginoboli hits the 3 as time expired, after he ran, turned, caught a pass, tossed it up, and fell out of bounds! Maybe the Spurs will win. (Score, 18-24 – Spurs lead)

2nd quarter – started a bit worse, not so pretty, a bunch of bench guys. And at the end, Fisher hits the three to make it 47 – 46, Thunder in the lead.

End of the third, Thunder are up by nine. But, with both of these teams, points can quickly be made by capitalizing on opponents mistake. If the Thunder can remain focused…

Saw clip of Coach Poppovich telling the Spurs, “You’re being too tentative… this isn’t supposed to be easy…”

4th quarter, only 7:52 left in the game, and the game is tied at 73. Wow, this is fun.

Spurs won. I don’t understand why Thunder started fouling the with only a few seconds left, had they started that when there was a minute left, and they were down by only six… I dunno.

But I do know who I want to win. I want ME to win. And if this series goes to seven games, then I win. Many thanks to the Spurs and the Thunder for 48 minutes of quality basketball. I hope the rest of the NBA was paying attention.

Rave: Ha-ha!   I was right, Derrick Fisher did last longer in the playoffs than the Lakers!!

Rant:  What the what for the STOOPIDEST advertisement, merging clips of “Prometheus” and splicing in Coor’s light. Makes me doubt my wanting to watch the movie.



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