Clippers @ Memphis – game 7

You would think, a game 7 would be exciting. And I suspect it was for some, considering there were 15 lead changes by the end of the third quarter. But the scoring was really low… 55 to 56 after 36 minutes. Sheesh.

Pregame, from Memphis coach, “Go out, leave it all on the court,…enjoy the game, have a good time…”  What type of motivation is that? Keep it simple. Reinforce the positive things your team does.

The fans seemed alright in Memphis, most had on white team t-shirts, waving yellow towels…pretty good… (but I was much more impressed with OKC fans, very loud, almost all of them in blue from last nights game.)

Yes, tonight I was watching a game from a month ago.  MyBetterHalf said, “first round game? but neither of these teams are in it anymore”


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