Thunder vs Heat game 2

First quarter everything seemed to be going Miami’s way, and shots that normally would go in for the Thunder (Durrant open mid-range jumper, Westbrook layup, Perkins at the rim) just bounced off the rim. For Miami, Shane Battier seems to have been assigned, “harass whoever has the ball!” One sequence I saw him go from Westbrook to Perkins. He switched off of Harden to take a charge from Durrant, and picked himself up off the floor fast enough to tip the ball to Wade. And Battier hit five three pointers, showing you can’t leave him open.

I had forgotten how quick and good Chris Bosh is.

Wade, fakes the jumper, Durrant is tricked and jumps up to block, then as gravity pulls Durrant back down, Wade steps in, draws contact as Durrant crashes onto him, and gets the foul.

And yet…only a four point win by the Heat. The Heat should be nervous, because even though they started with 18-2 lead, the Thunder came back and it was close at the end. Fun, fun, fun!



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