Today, we moved me & MyBetterHalf from our bedroom, to the dungeon. MsSqueaky will now get her own room, “…and the boys won’t wake me up” she likes to say. All three of them helped push the mattress and bed-springs down stairs.

Today, MrGrunty was shooting the bastketball, and I heard him say to himself, “I haven’t practiced free throws all day. I need to.”  Later, he told me, “Papa, I wanna be a real basketball player like James Harden.”

Today, MsSqueaky was being very helpful with cleaning and organizing. Outside, she even was raking up the grass I cut.

Today, MrCuddles was on the parents’ bed, playing with a stuffed dog and fire truck. When I laid down to rest, he said, “the doggy wants to snuggle you” and put the dog next to me. A moment later, the doggy was jumping over my head and giving me kisses. Then MrCuddles got a book, and started showing the dog the pages.

MsSophie-kitty, was not happy. She likes to sleep inside the box-springs of our bed. And we moved the bed.

MrOliver-kitty must not have been happy either, because when MrG was giving kitty treats, Oliver swatted MrG in the face.


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