Thunder -vs- Lakers game 1

Just loving watching the Lakers lose…

Crowd dressed in blue, chanting loudly “Beat L.A., beat L.A.”    Though, in a few years, if things keep up, they will be chanting this against the Clippers. This sorta worries me, I need the Lakers to be villains for  me to actively root against, but if they turn into a middle-of-the-pack team, then there’s no risk of them winning the championship. So, off-season job Lakers, get better so I can boo louder.

Start of the game, Lakers win jump ball, the Thunder steal the ball, and Thunder layup. Twenty seconds in, and I’m excited for the game, even though I knew the outcome of the series!

Two minutes into the half, 24 point Thunder lead. Awesome!

Kobe moments I enjoyed

  • ex-Laker Fisher, keeps Kobe out of his preferred shooting spot
  • Kobe gets the ball near the hoop and is suddenly swarmed with a triple-team, misses shot
  • Kobe, quick screen by teammate, quick catch, turn, quick shot, 3 points. He’s good. Very good.

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