We took the childrens to the park, MrGrunty & MsSqueaky have new (used) bigger bikes, MrCuddles has received MrG’s old bike as his own, and they went riding circles along the path. MrS was very upset when she lost a race, with tears in her eyes, “Grunty, we are going to race again and this time I’m gonna win!”   (Note, last week MsS proved she is way better & braver at climbing trees than MrG, so they each have skills that can help them avoid zombies.)  MrC hasn’t learned how to peddle yet, hopefully soon. MsS isn’t automatic on using the brakes, and once, when riding down a slight slope, she just took her feet off the wheels and then turned while going fast. (sigh)

Yesterday, whilst attempting to do something really difficult, (Put training wheels on a bike) my neighbor saw me, and casually mentioned that her husband had done bike repair for 20 years.  What the heck, I thought, I had struggled for a 20 minutes, so I welcomed the help.



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