catching up with stories

…Previously in my life…

MsSqueaky stories

  • she still likes to scoop up worms
  • early May she was on a craft kick, and was making paper little things, that she would put in a folded paper envelope she created for each person in the family, this went on for three or four days straight
  • Was telling me a story, “It’s a pretend world with a different Squeaky, Grunty, Cuddles & Papa”
  • this past weekend she told me, “Before, my other mom and dad and dad, they died, and now they are in heaven, and now I live with you.”
  • With a real pediatrician’s stethoscope, we found her heartbeat, and with a huge smile she told me, “Papa, there’s something dancing in my body!”

MrGrunty stories

  • Got into a big argument with his sister over basketball semantics. He took a ball, held it over the hoop and let go, “Squeaky, is this a throw? No, it’s a drop!” and when she ignored him, he told me, “I don’t like Squeaky anymore. I want a new sister.” (late May)
  • MrG made me a little tiny basket out of Scotch-tape, and filled it with what I will call origami-pebbles, and instructed me “to take it to work to show my friends”
  • After winning a 19 to 20 basketball game against me, he said, “Papa, kids win a lot, parent’s don’t. Why?”

MrCuddles stories

  • was pulling my wagon behind him, then would start running, yelling “whoa, whoa!!” and come to a stop, “Papa, that was close” and do it again.  (late May)
  • If want something, will say, in a super positive tone, almost sing-song, ending with a “Please” and a huge smile that brightens his face, pushes up his cheeks, sparkles his eyes while looking up and tilting his head to the left. I can’t say no. He’s too cute.

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