It started early… MrCuddles wanted to go upstairs, around 6:45 A.M., after sleeping in the parents’ bed. I sneaked upstairs with him. He wanted to give affection to Oliver-kitty, I warned him several times to leave Oliver alone. A moment later, MrCuddles was screaming, with a bleeding scratch across his cheek.  (About an hour later, they encountered each other again, MrC bent over, petted him, and in a baby-voice, “we don’t do that Oliver, no, we don’t scratch.”)

We went to one of their friend’s birthday parties, at Richomnd beach. So sun, sand, sunburns, running up the hill to watch trains.

This evening, MyBetterHalf went to watch a soccer game, and so I took childrens to a different park. Me & MrGrunty played a bunch of baseball, while MsSqueaky & MrCuddles climbed on big toys.

Since mommy was away, we decided for all of us to have slumber party in MsSqueaky’s room. They were telling stories, “Once upon a time, Poop!”  and laughing hysterically. There were pillow fights, and tickle fights. I’m much too old for slumber parties. MrCuddles was the last one awake, I remember scolding him to lay down, because he woke me, after the sun had set.



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