fixing the NBA pt 1

First in my series of how to make the NBA better. Do not  bring an NBA team back to Seattle. Yes, I loved the Sonics. Yes, they were my introduction into the best spectator sport in the galaxy. Sure, they left town under dubious circumstances…here’s my understanding. Billionaire Howard Schultz (and friends) bought the Sonics, promised, “championship in five years.”  About five years later… “uh, we need a new arena to stay competitive…we’re losing money.”    (I would like to point out, that an NBA team, like a Picasso, are rare, and valuable, and are usually bought for more important reasons than money. Please read Malcom Gladwell.) Whatever, Schultz, the city of Seattle said, “no”. And Schultz, the guy who trained the world to buy a four dollar cup of mediocre coffee, sold the Sonics…for…get this, after year revenue losses…yup, a $50 million profit. No wonder that guy is a billionaire.  I was pissed at first, and was gonna show him by not buying his mediocre brew…but around the same time, he was busy pissing off right wing x-ians, because he had a pro-gay statement on some of his cups. Well, I figured if he doesn’t care about the significant Republican voting block, he won’t give a darn about Seattle Sonics fans.

Others have investigated, read more, written more…brought law suits… whatever, the version I have in my mind is truth-enuff-for-me.

And, I would like to mention, I happened to get tickets for a playoff game versus the Jazz. And there were empty seats. Seattle, if your sports team has empty seats during the playoffs, you are NOT true fans. Hell, I’m sure the stupid Husky Football was selling out during their 0 and 12 season!

It has been a bit freeing. I can root for any team. (Yay, Miami-Heat!) and don’t have any obligation to support the local team.

I would like to mention, that Key Arena, still there, but the group that wants to bring an NBA team back to Seattle, wants a new arena. Why? Evidently the old one isn’t good enough. Well… how long until the new one isn’t good enough? Then what, they gonna threaten to move to San Diego, San Jose, Fort Worth or El Paso?  (All cities bigger than Seattle.)   I for one am tired of being held hostage by billionaires who want me to subsidize their art collection.  And purchase a $8 pint of crappy beer!  And pay $15 for parking. And buy crappy seats at $20 each, so I can watch an average team.

If there is a team available, I think the NBA should be creative.  And go with Mexico City. First, it would be closer than Seattle for most teams, also, Think Global.  I think with a few shrewd moves, basketball can become the #2 sport in the world.


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