I was teaching Bible class yesterday. I invited the high school kids to join my early elementary class. We decorated / camouflaged t-shirts, to fit with the upcoming VBS jungle theme.

After Church we invited some people over, and Leena (my “boss” when I teach Bible class) was able to join us with her two daughters. Her eldest, who was at MrGrunty & MsSqueaky’s b-day party, and was looking bored at it, because she’s a going into third grade. I made an effort to include her, and, after asking Leena’s permission, I taught the third grader how to flip burgers on a grill. (Rule #1, if it is getting warm, just step back.)

After lunch, we played with finger nail polish. My toes nails are black/pink. The rest of the kids seemed to want a different color on each nail.

Later, we took childrens to the park, and they raced their bikes around the walk. MrG & MsS found another five year old to race with. MsS crashed one time, and the worst part about it, the boys were going to start another race without her. I coaxed them into waiting for her to rejoin them.

And me, MsS and MrG played soccer.

MrCuddles tried a new asking technique on me yesterday, he’s just too cute. After I said “no, we are not playing in the loft, it is too hot” he tried, calmly, with a smile and upbeat voice, “Papa. I have an idea. How about, we, play up stairs?”



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