fixing the NBA pt 2

Bad ownership is a problem.

I know a little bit about franchises from my Subway experience. If you don’t follow the standards set by corporate, you can be fined. If you continue to break the rules, you can lose your franchise. A bad franchise is bad for local fans, is bad for players, is bad for the NBA brand. We’re thinking global marketing here, people. Increase the brand value, expand the fan base, and revenues will follow. (There are two billion people in India & China… if you can get a nickle from each of them… $100 million.)

As much as owners may say, “We didn’t buy a team to lose money”, being rich enough to be an owner should not guarantee profit.

Two things that owners need to do, to make the NBA better.

  • Field competitive teams. This idea stolen from The Sports Guy… If a team doesn’t make the playoffs…they can’t raise ticket prices the next year. If they again miss the playoffs, their ticket prices are reduced 10% per year.  (Consider it a fine from Corporate for mismanagement.) If you miss the playoffs five years in a row, you lose your franchise.
  • Fill the stands with fans. Get them in the door, a game is more exciting when the stands are full. Make the tickets cheap, and then gouge them with $6 fountain soda. (Pro tip, that 64 ounces of soda, it costs about ten cents from Coca-Cola.)  If your seats are 90% unfilled, the NBA has the right to give away unsold tickets.

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