MrGrunty said, “Papa, can you go play baseball with me.”

me, “I’m a bit full from eating, I don’t feel like running.”

MrG: “You don’t have to run. You can walk. Wait. I can run and get the ball.”

We did play baseball. MrG asked his brother & sister to play with us. The twins let MrCuddles have a few more at-bats, even after he struck-out, which I thought was nice. It is difficult trying to pitch to where MrC will swing, but we did get a couple of “hits” for him.  MsSqueaky is getting better, and was telling me how to pitch to her so she could hit it. MrGrunty, being better, I decided to pitch fast to him, and he hit the ball over the house into the backyard. “WOW!!!   …Papa are you proud of me? …I’m so happy.”

Tonight, MsSqueaky made a surprise gift for me. She didn’t want me to look as she was working on it at their dinning room table. And then she super-wrapped it, using a lot of tape. She told everyone what it was, whispering in their ears. It was  a tiny paper, that she said was a tiny plane.

So…recently, in the mornings, MrCuddles says, “Papa, will you go downstairs and lay with me.”  And when we get there, he says, “There’s a giant, we have to hide!” and covers us with blankets.



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