This evening, MyBetterHalf took MrGrunty to a Mariner’s Game for Mommy & MrG time.

Me, MsSqueaky & MrCuddles went to a park.

As soon as we get there, a girl was on a climbing thing, said, “I’m six.”  And a few moments later, went up to MsSqueaky and asked, “Want to play with me.”  MsS was shy, and ignoring her. I encouraged her to play.  A moment later the girl tried again, “You want to play tag?”   MsSqueaky decided yes, and they chased each other around the park.  After a bit, another girl came to the park, and MsSqueaky asked her (4 year old)  if she wanted to play with them too. A bit later, all three girls were investigating the lady bug on the slide.

Me & MrCuddles hung out on the swings. Or I pretended to be a giant. Though sometimes, I did read my book, and MrCuddles was just off exploring the playground.


2 Responses to “tonight”

  1. Heather Says:

    What park did you go to? I kept forgetting to ask you.

  2. :-jon Says:

    Pinehurst Playground

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