Today started, and there were five in the bed. Yup, all three childrens joined us at some point last night.

Today was Mommy & MrCuddles time. When she was asking & suggesting things to do, he kept answering “we can ride a bus!”. So they took a bus downtown.

MsSqueaky and MrGrunty talked me into them riding their bikes to their soon-to-be school. I was nervous, this was their first time riding on the streets. Yes, streets. Because Shoreline is too poor to have sidewalks on the residential streets. But they did alright.

At the school, they raced each other. Then MsS was showing me all the stuff she could do on the bars, and MrG was off riding his bike on the playground. Then, we played imaginary basketball, they beat me. Then we found real soccer balls, and MrG was the goalie.  MyBetterHalf called and asked if we wanted to go to the beach.

Beautiful day at the beach, not many there.

Tonight, I played baseball again. MsS hit three in a row. MrG is trying to figure out when a foul is a strike. MrC even hit a couple.

I thank God for a wonderful day.

Parents = tired.



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