today in the parks

I took the childrens, out, so that MyBetterHalf could get some cleaning done. (I think it’s my turn tomorrow to clean.)

Not really sure where we were going, but they wanted to ride a bus.

We hopped on a bus, that we never took before, and I noticed we were going close by GreenLake. So we went there. Oh.My.Gorgeous day at the Lake. MrGrunty saw some people playing kick-ball, and he was fascinated. I had to drag him away, so we could play on the playground that we used to visit with Aki & James when I was on paternity leave with MrCuddles. Wow. Those slides that were big and scary…not so much anymore. My babies are growing up. We walked on the dock…yes, I was paranoid about them falling off. Someday, though, I promised them we would get paddleboats. Watched a bit more kickball…and then ice-cream. MsS got pink-bubblegum, MrG got orange-sherbert, MrCuddles got “like Grunty”.

Back on a bus…maybe downtown, I thought, and then an express back to the car. But…

As we passed Meridian Playground, I thought it looked nice, and we have never been there. They often want a “new park”. Wow, it is a beautiful park, with hedgerow sides so the street isn’t seen, and street sounds are muffled. Plenty of play fields. Big playground. Lots of swings, nicely upkept. And hardly anyone was there.  MrG was pushing MsS on the swing. I was pushing MrCuddles. The childrens made a friend there. He is four. He said to MsSqueaky, “I think I made a friend today. And it’s a girl. And it’s you.”  The three of them had a thrilling game of jump-off-the-picnic-table, pretending it was a diving board and they were splashing me. Then, MsS wanted to play tag. So they ran around, they chased me, of course they wanted to run away from the boy’s grandma…so I had to steer them back to where she was sitting. When it was time to leave, the boy was jealous, “I never rode on a bus before.”

The buses…well, we had a bit of time at the bus stop. So we played Simon-says, and Spelling_bee, and the childrens raced up and down the sidewalk. On the bus, it was crowded, and we had to sit with strangers. MsSqueaky was invited to sit next to a young woman, but MsS was shy. So me and N got that spot, and he fell asleep in my arms.

And after, what was best for them, MrCuddles and MsSqueaky both exclaimed when asked, “Mommy, we rode three buses!”


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