Photosynthesis – Silverstein, Silverstein, Nunn

Photosynthesis: Science Concepts 

by Alvin Silverstein, Virginia Silverstein & Laura Silverstein Nunn (2008)

Looks like the book, written for a 5th grade audience, was a family affair. That’s cool. Maybe I’ll author books someday with my family.

It was alright, and naturally a quick and easy read. But I asked MyBetterHalf if I could count it as a book, her answer, “if it’s on goodreads.”

I wish, when I was a kid there were more books like this, short but focused, instead of big old textbooks that try to cover everything superficially. (Maybe there were, and I was too busy day dreaming.)

One phrase bothers me though, “Other living things that are similar to plants but are not green, such as mushrooms…”  (pg 18) .  Wait. Mushrooms are just as closely related to animals as to plants.  Oh…Now I see that both book and article published in 2008. The authors are forgiven…but kid, remember, science changes.


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