The Fixx

Once upon a time… back in the 80s, one of my favorite bands was the Fixx. Some friends of mine will see the Fixx when they come to town soon, I don’t know if the band has a new album, or will simply be re-hashing the old hits. The lyrics were always vague enough to seem deep to a teenage boy, vocal melodies were simple enough but catchy,  I liked the atmosphere / sound landscapes the band built, and as I got older, I got impressed with the subtle awesomeness of the guitars.

Once upon a time…I was writing a letter to a friend I met at church-youth-camp, (same friend that I would be teaching “Elenor Rigby” to while coming home from said camp), trying to express how cool The Fixx was. Well…before I finished the letter (Yes, I had many of those half-written letters, sometimes I still find them!)  my parents, whilst on a cleaning-my-room/is-our-kid-on-drugs-investigation found the letter, and wanted to know about the band. Because, unbeknownst to me “a fix” was short for “drug fix”.   (I wasn’t very bright…in fact only within the past ten years did I understand what the pop 70s song, “Afternoon Delight” was about.)  I don’t remember what I told them, but I do remember being pissed about them going through my stuff.  Fast forward to ten years from now… will I go through my childrens things? Will I read their diaries?  I don’t think so…although, thanks to parents on TheFacebook/TheFLicker/TheTwitter/TheYouTube, kids today pro’lly have no concept of privacy.  I did let MyBetterHalf read my diary after I proposed to her. So she was warned, LOL!

Anyway… in my head right now…

Less Cities More Moving People”  love the vocal pleading of the chorus

Sunshine in the shade”   love the first verse, and would often loudly sing it in the hall ways at high school

I won’t have “Liner” in my head, because as much as I did like the song, once I spent a lonely summer working at the Crew House, where I had no radio, no friends, and only a small window over looking beautiful people playing on beautiful Lake Washington while I was stuck in a no-ventilation cock-roach infested, kitchen that was next to a freaking motherload of wasp colonies.  Hated that job.  And every time I had to get a new trash can liner, because the manager didn’t call them trash bags, the song “Liner” popped into my head.

“Secret Separation”  I love the hypnotic droning guitar… I swear Jamie West-Oram is just playing around with A major.  One of my guitar heroes, and no Wikipedia entry. How cool is that, in this day?

Driven Out – “now I’m driving in my car, I used to be able to walk this far. Now I turn out my lights, I used to be able to see at night. Cooking with microwaves, to heat my food that hasn’t seen the soil. Turn on my TV, I used to the lies they’re telling me…”

Outside – from my favorite album, and vocals are the weakest part of this hypnotic (did I say that again?) piece, but I have memorized the guitar solo – where Jamie shows that new-wave dudes like the wammy-bar too, it’s almost like the band left him alone in the studio, to put a few finishing touches, and he just went crazy with snippets that don’t belong together, but the solo as a whole… beautiful.



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